Peter A Snell, CEO


Peter A Snell, CEO

Growing up, Peter had a passion for creative arts; specifically architectural design, pencil drawing, and creative writing. In contrast to this creative passion also existed a desire to follow in his father's footsteps as a salesman and business owner. So that's what Peter did...following his father, seemingly setting aside his creative passion. Yet much of the work of a career in sales and leadership necessitated leveraging his creative side to become educated on and deliver marketing work product. So for Peter, sales has always been a cornerstone of excellence within marketing. Fast forward to 2013. Peter had reached an inflection point in his career facing a choice from within. Stay in "corporate America" as an executive, or forge a path fully leveraging his creativity to do things he is truly passionate about like brand strategy and helping people simplify, focus, and solve complex problems.

 From this unique perspective and experience, he forged a new path and started Illumeture, a brand strategy and marketing solutions company. Peter created an environment designed to encourage a balance in creativity and discipline while optimizing the expertise of contributing team members. Illumeture is committed to developing talent and experience in each marketing discipline. Here, team members are also owners. Ownership aligns incentives and work focus. Each individual is compelled to focus on the measurable client deliverables and teamwork instead of work schedules, compensation, and office politics. Better for us. Better for you.

If you'd like to visit with Peter to share your priorities and your story, Please send him a message directly below.

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